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What is Glamping ?

The luxury camping with an exclusive character

You like walks in the forest, in the mountains? You want the sensation of being in bond with nature? You are looking for a unique experience in a unique place? You like to go in camping but you are fed up with all the disadvantages?


Glamping is for you!

"Camping" and "Glamor" form the exclusive character of this new trend. This new tourist trend meets the desires of luxury campsites. No more plastic cutlery, cold nights, back pain, folding chairs: welcome to glamping! Now you can spend your nights in nature in magical, comfortable, luxury places. Today the whole world offers incredible Glamping layouts to discover.

Our experience


We are 6 girlfriends who wanted to discover the world of glamping.


We have been travelling each summer together for the past three years to experience the best glamping destinations. We are always looking for peaceful and quiet places, in a luxurious atmosphere.


Today we want to share with you our experiences with this blog dedicated to our travels and discoveries. We already visited 3 glamping but we only choose glamping who cares about he environment because it's really important for us to save the planet!

In our blog, you will find articles on the destinations we have made and practical advice to prepare well your experience.


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